Unbelievable:LeBron James finally made up his mind of signing agreement on…

The Los Angeles Lakers are maneuvering for postseason position as the ordinary season winds to a nearby, yet this mid year is as large of a phase for the establishment as the NBA Play-In Competition and end of the season games will be, would it be advisable for them they fit the bill for the last option.

“I think LeBron’s gonna opt out no matter what,” Windhorst said on the April 8 edition of “The Hoop Collective” podcast, which he hosts. “And the reason I think he’s gonna opt out no matter what is even if he just signs back for one year, the only functional way for LeBron to get a no-trade clause is to sign a new contract. If he extends the contract he’s in or picks up that option [and] extends onto it, he can’t get a no-trade clause. And I think  for a number of different reasons LeBron would like, ask for and probably be granted a no-trade clause.”

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