Nigerians Take Aim at MultiChoice and DStv for Not Securing The Right To Broadcast AFCON Matches

After Pay-TV operator MultiChoice Nigeria declared on Wednesday that it would not be airing the African Cup of Nations games, Nigerians have not stopped voicing their dissatisfaction with the corporation.

According to Naija News, the Pay-TV network declared on Wednesday that it would not be carrying AFCON tournament matches since it was unable to obtain the permission to broadcast them.

Enraged by the incident, Nigerians condemned the platform for airing European matches without securing the rights to broadcast the AFCON matches.

Popular social media influencer Asiwaju Lerry responded to the news by writing, “DSTV is a big joke.” We pay $20,000 a month, but they refuse to show AFCON? The only reasons this capitalist brand still has some of us by the scruff of the neck are the Premier League and the UCL.

Daniel Regha, a different social media celebrity, criticized Pay-TV, saying that football games were the main reason why so many Nigerians continued to subscribe to their decoders.

“Many Nigerians would have canceled their DSTV subscriptions by now if it weren’t for football matches,” he added.

JJ Omojuwa stated during his party that MultiChoice’s inability to obtain the right to watch was more of an AFCON and CAF loss than a DStv loss.

“More losses for AFCON/CAF than for DSTV. DSTV relationships aren’t ending because of the AFCON. In addition to its unparalleled continental reach, he wrote.

The broadcast business came under fire from @pbtips_ for showing European games so quickly while neglecting to obtain broadcast rights for the continent’s championship.

He said, “Dstv fit show Euros but Afcon wey be our own we no fit watch am,” demanding a boycott of the broadcasting firm. It would be better for all of us if we boycotted DSTV early.

@maxvayshia, who appeared upset by the announcement, claimed that if football is no longer aired on Pay-Tv, the platform will be meaningless.

“If football were eliminated, DSTV would have no use in Nigeria. incredibly costly with no value for the money. Children’s cartoons have also been tainted by LGTV, the author wrote.

Dami Adenuga, for his part, called the development a crime against humanity.

“DSTV does not carry AFCON. Offense against humankind,” penned he.

@Oladapomikky1 demanded that the NTA or AIT take use of the chance to address their broadcast problems and revitalize their sports segments.

“NTA or AIT should exploit the AFCON tournament to restore their brand by airing it worldwide, as DSTV won’t be there.He wrote, “This is a great opportunity to revive the sports segment on the station.

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