. Rephrase Sports Big Ten suspends Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh ,stealing…..

Michigan Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh has been suspended for the final three games of the 2023 season following an investigation into sign-stealing allegations, the Big Ten announced Friday.
The council said in a statement: “The University of Michigan was found to have conducted inappropriate in-person scouting activities over several years, resulting in an unfair competitive advantage and in violation of the Big Ten Sportsmanship Policy.
” Competitive Integrity It put the situation in jeopardy.

Effective immediately, the meeting declared that Harbaugh would not be allowed on the sideline for the remainder of gamedays, but would be allowed to participate in practices and other football team activities

Earlier this season, Harbaugh was suspended for three games imposed by the university for an unrelated and unresolved incident involving NCAA recruiting violations, including his knowledge and involvement in improper scouting by opponents.
The suspension comes a day before No.
2 Michigan plays No.
9 Penn State at noon Saturday.
The remaining two games are scheduled for November 18th against Maryland and November 25th against Ohio State.
Like all members of the Big Ten Conference, we are entitled to a fair, careful, and thoughtful process to establish all the facts before a verdict is rendered.
Chief Justice Tony Petiti’s actions today ignore the conference handbook, violate basic principles of due process, and set an unacceptable precedent for imposing a sentence before an investigation is complete.
We are disappointed that the Commissioner is rushing to a decision while the NCAA’s investigation is ongoing, and we are cooperating fully with that investigation.
“Committee Petiti’s hasty actions today suggest that this is more about dealing with pressure from other council members than any desire to apply the rules fairly and equitably.
By taking action, the commissioners are personally setting themselves aside and changing the level playing field they claim they are trying to preserve.
And doing this on Veterans Day (a court holiday) in an attempt to prevent the university from seeking immediate legal redress is not evidence of impartiality.
To ensure the fairness of the process, we will work with Coach Harbaugh to obtain a court order to prevent this disciplinary action from taking effect.
4,444 hours after Mr.
Harbaugh’s suspension, the University of Michigan filed for a preliminary injunction in Washtenaw County’s 22nd District Court.
Last month, the NCAA notified the Big Ten that it was investigating allegations against Harbaugh and the university.
Michigan State football staffer Connor Stallions has been suspended after an investigation reportedly uncovered and documented videos of the Wolverines’ plans and budgets for scouting opponents.
Several schools in the Big Ten discovered records of tickets purchased for games on behalf of the Stallions, as well as surveillance video of people sitting in the seats and pointing cellphones at the field.
Additionally, photos circulating online show the Stallions on Central Michigan’s sideline in September.
One game against Michigan State, wearing CMU gear and sunglasses.
Stallions is listed as a recruiting analyst for Michigan State, and he was listed on his LinkedIn account as having been hired by his program in 2022.

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