Jim Harbaugh accomplished what he came to Michigan football for.

“Jim Harbaugh is an intellectual genius of a football coach.

” — Skip Praise Michigan HC x Jim Harbaugh did what he came to Michigan football to do Win or lose on Monday night Even Jim Harbaugh achieved his goal, taking Michigan football to the top of the college football world.


Michigan Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh at CFP National on January 7, 202

The Wolverines will play for the national championship tonight, and if they win, it will be his crowning achievement.

Asked Sunday what the national championship meant to him, Harbaugh talked about his players, as he always does.

He talked about how great it was for them to call themselves national champions.

“It’s going to be huge,” he said.

If you’re passionate about Michigan football, that’s a big deal.

The 1997 national championship was amazing.

It seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime victory.

As the years went on, it seemed increasingly difficult for the University of Michigan to reach that level again, especially as the College Football Playoff era began.

But after firing Brady Hoke, the University of Michigan hired the greatest head coach of all time, Jim Harbaugh.

Harbaugh, a Michigan native, wanted to take the program to the top.

And he has proven to be exactly what we expected when we hired him.

Jim Harbaugh saved Michigan football.

That was the case even before the 2021 season was announced, and when he arrived the Big House was empty and the program was in shambles.

Amazingly, the situation changed overnight.

Michigan went from five wins to 10 wins this season, and excluding COVID-19, the Wolverines have been among the best in the Big Ten every year since Harbaugh has been head coach.

They didn’t always win the championship, but the games were close and the wins were consistent.

It reached a new level when Harbaugh overhauled his defense and added J.J.

He found his quarterback.


Add to that the championship culture and it was the perfect storm.

The NCAA and the Big Ten tried to ruin it, but there was no denying this program and its “happy mission.

” No matter what the challenge, they compete with each other and win.

It doesn’t matter what you need.

Jim Harbaugh.

This is Ben Herbert.

That’s the entire coaching staff.

But it all starts with one man.

This is a man who led Michigan football to an unimaginable situation.

Yes, he might be in the NFL next.

There are new reports that negotiations could begin immediately after the national championship game.

But who cares?

Win or lose, Jim Harbaugh has contributed more to Michigan State football than anyone in history.

There’s one more goal to accomplish, and there’s no doubt Harbaugh wants it more than anyone else.

But even if the Wolverines fail, the fact remains that Jim did what he was supposed to do.

Next: 5 National Championship Game Predictions Michigan State is among the elite of college football, and we owe a huge debt of gratitude to Jim Harbaugh for that.

Thank you so much, Jim, and good luck, Go Blue!



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