Will Max Christie be the guard the Lakers are looking for?

  1. Based on the rumors surrounding the Lakers and players like Dejounte Murray, Zach LaVine, and even DeMar DeRozan, one thing is for sure: the Lakers are interested in upgrading the guard position.
    But what if the guard they’re looking for is sitting on the bench?
    Over the last four games, Max Christie has returned to the rotation, averaging 22.
    6 minutes of playing time, 7.
    5 points, and 4.
    5 rebounds.
    These numbers may not be immediately obvious, but a closer look reveals what Christie has done to contribute to the team and the need to continue giving him a bigger role going forward.
    You can see if there is.
    If you look at the footage from the last four games, the thing that stands out the most is Christie’s defense.
    He’s omnipresent and excellent in every aspect of this side of the game.
    He’s been much better defensively without the ball this season than he was in his rookie season.
    He can now stay on the defender with his eye on the ball and know when to help or change position and dive into passing lanes to create turnovers.
    He did this perfectly against the Pelicans.
    While guarding CJ McCollum on the weak side, Christie continued to prepare to help the post when Dyson Daniels started driving and was able to anticipate the pass and steal the ball.
    The Lakers have had a hard time defending these three, shooting 36.
    7% this season.
    The best way to avoid being killed by three people is to not allow any shooting attempts in the first place.
    Christie prevents corner kicks here, ends possessions and creates fast break opportunities.
    Christie with the ball continues to deal with the guards that get in his way.
    In recent games, he has briefly guarded players like McCollum, Duncan Robinson, and even Jay Morant and Brandon Ingram.


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