5 candidates to be New York Giants’ next….

5 candidates to be New York Giants’ next offensive line coach

A request to interview Carmen Bricillo of the Las Vegas Raiders was the New York Giants’ first move as they seek to replace fired offensive line coach Bobby Johnson.

Interviewing the 47-year-old Bricillo seems like a good idea. Before coaching the Las Vegas offensive line for two seasons, Bricillo spent three years with the New England Patriots. The first of those seasons was spent working with legendary offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia.

Hey, if you can’t hire the retired Scarnecchia at least talking to someone who has had the opportunity to learn from him seems like something worth exploring.

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Who else might be on the list of candidates to try and fix the Giants’ offensive line after a decade of futility? Let’s mull some names.

Mike Munchak

If the Giants are serious about finally getting quality offensive line play, they have to at least gauge Munchak’s interest in the job, don’t they?

Munchak, 63, is a Hall of Famer thanks to an outstanding 12-year playing career with the then Houston Oilers. Since 1997, he has been offensive line coach for the Tennessee Titans, Pittsburgh Steelers and Denver Broncos, and also served a three-year stint as Titans’ head coach.

Munchak left the Broncos after the 2021 season and has focused on his health, undergoing a pair of knee replacements. Munchak, though, did some work consulting with the Los Angeles Rams this past season and has said he wants back in the game.

“Yeah, I miss it,” Munchak said. “That’s why the camps, working with kids, the teaching parts… I feel like I have a lot of knowledge and I can pass that on to the players. I definitely have interest if the right opportunity comes up now that I have these things behind me to get back in coaching.”

There is no connection between Daboll and Munchak, but that did not stop Daboll when he hired his original coaching staff in 2022. It shouldn’t stop him this time. The Giants need to at least find out if Munchak would come to New York.

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