Fans are excited about the Green Bay Packers’ playoff matchup…….

Fans are excited about the Green Bay Packers’ playoff matchup announcement against the Dallas Cowboys (Report)

The Green Bay Packers will participate in the NFL Playoffs for the first time since the 2021 season.  Jordan Love’s first full season as a started not only gave the franchise confidence in him going forward, but secured a playoff berth.

Packers offense takes steps forward after rough October

One announcement that was made for their playoff matchup against the Cowboys has fans even more excited to see their team at AT&T Stadium.

This will be the sixth time the Packers play at AT&T Stadium.  They are 5-0 in those games.  4-0 against the Cowboys and 1-0 against the Pittsburgh Steelers (in Super Bowl XLV).

Fans were extremely excited to see the Packers wearing their home jersey for this playoff contest:

imagine letting ur opponent where their home colors and home jersey into your stadium for the playoffs only Jerry. Thinks that trash generic white jersey with no logo on it is iconic like the Yankees pinstripes but it’s not. Go Blue at home and update the white on the road!

The Packers will certainly have a “home field advantage” in the form of the uniforms they wear.  There is also a significant amount of Packers fans in Texas.  Hopefully they are able to get as many tickets to the game as possible to make their presence known.

One thing is for certain: seeing the Packers in their home uniform in the playoffs is one thing all Packers fans are extremely excited about seeing.

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