BBC NEWS: Zach LaVine made his decision to join the Los Angeles Lakers official as soon as possible

Zach LaVine of the Chicago Bulls has been the subject of persistent rumors for a while now. Furthermore, with the NBA trade deadline quickly approaching, it won’t be long until rumors materialize.

Numerous analysts, including Bleacher Report’s Andy Bailey, believe that a deal between these two teams will be reached, and the Los Angeles Lakers are one team that is reportedly in the running to sign the two-time All-Star guard.

It’s possible that the Lakers lack the resources necessary to negotiate with the Bulls’ front office. Austin Reaves, who the Lakers front office has been reluctant to part with, is their most alluring asset. Bailey thinks the Lakers and Bulls might get desperate enough to try to make a move, though.

However, before the trade deadline, both of these teams might be in a desperate situation. LeBron James is already using his combination of passive and aggressive style to take shots at the team that has him shooting below.500 for the season. The Bulls need to realize that their core of LaVine, DeMar DeRozan, and Nikola Vucevic is as good as it gets.

Perhaps a package including gifted wingman Max Christie and multiple draft picks would be enough to persuade Chicago to allow LaVine to join the City of Angels if the Bulls are unable to wrest Reaves from the Lakers.

Though it’s not the package the Bulls were reportedly hoping for, Christie could grow into a reliable player, and the draft picks could expedite their rebuilding.


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