Breaking News:New York Knicks’ biggest target could sign with Heat

The New York Knicks’ interest in Donovan Mitchell will continue.
The front office has long been interested in Mitchell, and while Jalen Brunson has been a star for the franchise, Mitchell ended up playing next to him.
Having two smaller guards can be a problem defensively, but historically the Knicks haven’t worried about that.
If Mitchell becomes available, they will target him.
According to a recent report from Marc Stein’s Substack, the Miami Heat are interested in Mitchell.
“Despite Cleveland’s no-call approach, the Miami Heat remain genuinely interested in Mitchell, according to league sources, and Miami trades Bradley Beal for Bradley Beal.
After that, there’s a good chance they’ll choose to test their resolve at Mitchell’s suggestion.
”The summer ended without either player making it to South Beach.
” The team structure favored Miami here, as when Mitchell had the ball primarily in his hands, he was able to play however he wanted.
In New York, he often shared the ball with Jalen Brunson.
If that happens, it’s also hard to say no to Miami.
Mitchell has interest in New York, but that doesn’t mean Miami won’t excite him.
Mitchell is available again, Yahoo Sports’ Jake Fischer reports he will be one of the teams the Knicks have interest in the four-time All-Star in December 2023 Ta.
“Still, part of the calculation behind Utah paying such an exorbitant price to sign Mitchell was the outflow of assets the underdog Cavaliers spent acquiring an All-NBA guard willing to play.
” “It was an opportunity to take back at least some of it in New York,” Yahoo’s Jake Fischer wrote.
“If the Cavaliers were to sign Mitchell tomorrow, or in February before the trade deadline or next offseason, there would be a long line of suitors, including the Knicks, who would make a competitive offer for Mitchell.
They will compete for his services.
” The problem for both Miami and the Knicks is the Cleveland Cavaliers’ reluctance to trade Mitchell.
Cleveland has been plagued by injuries all season, and we haven’t had a chance to evaluate how much this team is capable of when healthy.
When they were partially healthy in 2022-23, they were one of the top teams in basketball.


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