News Report:Angry Wink Martindale taunts Brian Daboll after Giants coach fires right-hander ..

If Wink Martindale resigns as Giants defensive coordinator, he is encouraged to inform the Giants of his decision.
As of Tuesday evening, the team had not heard from Martindale.
Martindale ran out of the building on Monday and was on a plane to his home in Florida on Tuesday morning.
What is clear is that Martindale and the Giants are over after two seasons, and there are clear and obvious signs that Martindale and head coach Brian Daboll continued to endure a deteriorating relationship that could no longer be sustained.
Martindale is under contract and is owed $3 million through the 2024 season.
If he actually resigns, he will lose this money.
Even if he resigns, his contract won’t just expire.
Retiring would allow the Giants to prevent Martindale from taking a job with another team, but Martindale wouldn’t want to be involved in that situation.
Therefore, Daboll’s highly emotional reaction to the firing of his most trusted outside linebackers coach, Drew Wilkins, and his younger brother, Kevin, a defensive assistant, was due to a contract prior to Martindale.
There are implications that need to be resolved and separated from the Giants.
According to people inside the building with knowledge of the situation, the following occurred: Daboll met with Martindale on Monday to inform him of the impending personnel changes.
Daboll mentioned the firing of special teams coach Thomas McGaughey and offensive line coach Bobby Johnson.
It’s no secret how close Daboll is to Johnson, and while this was a tough game for Daboll, it was one he felt was necessary to move his team forward.
Daboll tells Martindale that he wants him to stay, but that the Wilkins brothers will fire him.
Martindale brought Wilkins from the Ravens to the Giants.
As a bystander, Drew Wilkins helps Martindale with staffing and traffic control.
Drew Wilkins helps Martindale develop a defensive plan.
Martindale is furious at this news, curses Daboll, makes his case, gets up, slams the door, and leaves the building.
He conveyed his resignation to those close to him.
Why was Daboll so insistent on getting rid of Drew Wilkins, and by extension Kevin Wilkins?
Martindale and Drew Wilkins established their own fiefdoms within the coaching staff, sometimes ignoring Daboll and mutually disparaging each other.
There was a sense in the room that people believed they had to answer and ultimately take responsibility.

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