BBC NEWS: Rams Wild Card Game Preview: Can Los Angeles’ Puka Nacua be stopped.

As Sunday’s wild-card game between the Detroit Lions and the Los Angeles Rams approaches, one of the most important storylines will be Matthew Stafford’s return to Detroit, where he spent the first 12 seasons of his NFL career.
But in Stafford’s spotlight, amidst these various storylines, he is one person who has sometimes been overlooked in national headlines.
That’s him Jared Goff.
Amazingly, Sean McVay didn’t overlook Goff’s contributions.
In fact, McVay is well aware of the former quarterback’s success in Detroit.
There, he played a key role in leading the Lions to their first major league title in 30 years while leading one of the NFL’s most potent offenses.
He did a great job for her.
I mean, they’re one of the best offenses in recent years,” McVay said.
“He’s a really good player.
He’s done a lot of really good things here in the four years we’ve been together and that’s why they won the division and made the playoff games.
That’s going to be a great challenge for us.
” While in Los Angeles, Goff and McVay were the perfect quarterback/head coaching duo, with a four-year run that included an appearance in Super Bowl III.
He helped the Rams reach the playoffs in three of those years.
However, toward the end of his tenure, relations between the two soured, leading the Rams to send Goff to the Lions in exchange for Stafford.
On Wednesday, McVeigh explained that he values ​​spending time together more than ever before.
“I believe in growing as a person and being able to handle any situation the way I want, respecting and appreciating perspectives,” McVeigh said.
“What I can never escape are the mistakes I made in past incidents, but when I look back, I am grateful for those four years and all the good memories we had, and when you part, I I finally made a change.
” It turned out to be difficult, but could I have handled it better on my part?
Absolutely, and I will never run away from it.
But the further I get from that, the more I strive to grow as a person, as a person, and as the leader I want to be.
He deserved better than everything that happened.
I admit that, and I think he knows that too, and I’m not afraid to admit those things, but I think we all would be better off if we could reflect on those things.
I think it’s better for And as time goes by, I appreciate him more and more.
” Here’s a look at what’s happening with the Rams as Sunday’s Wild Card Game approaches.


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