Lakers News Report: LA interested in adding third max player amid Zach LaVine trade talk.

Amid the trade excitement surrounding Chicago Bulls guard Zach LaVine, the Los Angeles Lakers have  interested in adding third max player amid Zach LaVine trade talk

interest in signing a third player, according to ESPN’s Bobby Marks on the HoopsHype podcast.
According to Marks, the Lakers would likely have to trade three to four players to the Bulls to sign LaVine, which they may not want.
“LaVine, especially after going through Russell Westbrook’s top-heavy roster with three max players under the old CBA, basically trading at least three players, maybe four players.
I think we need to make money.
”, Marks: “You’re looking at a combination of Hachimura, Russell, and another player.
You have a first-round pick, and then in 2029.
We could trade.
” From what I’ve heard, things are certainly changing, but at 19-20 this season, there’s no interest in adding a third-max player, and the Lakers need changes to turn things around.
For now, it appears LaVine won’t be a part of this change.
This season, LaVine is averaging 20.
3 points, 5.
2 rebounds, and 3.
7 assists per game despite missing all of December with an injury.
The Lakers may not be interested in trading LaVine, but he’s still likely to be moved before the deadline.
According to Michael Scott of HoopsHype, the Sacramento Kings were in on the deal for LaVine in a deal that could have included Kevin Huerter and Harrison Barnes.
The Bulls are currently 18-21, sitting in ninth place in the Eastern Conference and still deep in the playoff race.
Chicago has had relative success with the combination of LaVine and DeMar DeRozan, but adding two role players in exchange for LaVine could lead to success.
According to Yahoo Sports’ Jake Fischer, the Lakers may be interested in bringing in another big name in Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray.
However, Fisher said Los Angeles has told the team it will not be willing to trade him, although that deal would likely also have to include shooting guard Austin Reeves.
No matter which path the Lakers choose, it’s clear that changes are needed for the team to overcome the crisis.

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