WWE SmackDown match abruptly called off as two top stars suffer scary….

WWE SmackDown match abruptly called off as two top stars suffer scary injuries.

WWEsuperstars Austin Theory and Carmelo Hayes both suffered facial injuries on SmackDown as their match was abruptly cancelled.

Frayeur pour Austin Theory et Carmelo Hayes à WWE SmackDown

The United States Champion and the former NXT titleholder faced off on Friday night’s episode, but the action took a scary turn for both wrestlers after a painful looking fall from the top rope to the mat below.

Midway through the bout, Theory attempted a Spanish Fly off the top rope – a move he has hit successfully in the past – but he and Melo both crashed to the ground, landing on their heads and necks.

The referee immediately threw up his hands in the X symbol, which is typically used in professional wrestling to signify a legitimate injury.

Once the official had checked on both stars, he called over a doctor, and the bout was subsequently scrapped out of concern for their wellbeing.

Later in the show, WWE gave fans an update and confirmed both men had been evaluated after the scary incident, and they had suffered ‘facial contusions’

Thankfully, the company noted Theory and Melo were not seriously hurt, and would not be facing any time out of action.

A statement on social media read; ‘UPDATE: Following their match tonight on #SmackDown, @_Theory1 and @Carmelo_WWE were evaluated for injuries. They both suffered face contusions, and will both be okay.’

While the US Champ is yet to comment on the incident, Melo referenced the scary nature of the injury scare as he posted a gif of The Undertaker – also known as the Dead Man during his illustrious WWE career – sitting up in a coffin.

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