At the Videotron Centre in Quebec City, Canada, super middleweight contender Christian Mbilli gave teak-tough Rohan Murdock a frightening beating before his corner pulled him out at the end of the sixth round stoppage.

Mbilli, The Ring’s No. 2-rated super middleweight, started out typically fast with his usual brand of all-out attack and had Murdock on the back-foot. The big shots were greeted with cheers of ‘Mbilli, Mbilli.’ The educated pressure continued in the second round forcing the Australian on to the ropes where they trade. Late in the round, Mbilli hurt Murdock with a pair of right hands. Mbilli also landed several debilitating body shots that have Murdock gasping for air.

Murdock is strong. He took all of my good punches. But for me, I thought I would finish him in one more round. But his team ended the fight. He’s a good fighter, but I’m the best today,” said Mbilli in an interview with ESPN afterwards.

Both fighters exchange heavy fire in the third round and each man has success. The mix of head and body has Murdock again on the ropes in Round 4. In the final 30 seconds of the round, a straight right from Mbilli sends Murdock’s mouthpiece flying two rows back and is promptly thrown back into the ring by Top Rank’s Carl Moretti. 

The fifth round was a big round for Mbilli, who tenderized his opponents ribs with several sickening bodyshots and even more clean headshots. Murdock showed an excellent fighting constitution to make it out the round. How he didn’t go down much less get stopped was impressive.

Christian Mbilli vs. Rohan Murdock Added To Beterbiev-Smith Card - Boxing  News

Mbilli took a breather for much of the sixth-round but then exploded with a right that sent Murdock to the ropes. Again Mbilli poured it on and had the Australian taking heavy fire at the end of the round. 

Between the sixth and seventh rounds Murdock’s corner decided to pull their man out and end proceedings. It seemed a wise decision.

Mbilli threw and outlanded Murdock in each of the six completed rounds. Mbilli landed 236 of 505 punches, with a connection rate of 46.7 percent, while Murdock landed 89 of 358, which equates to 24.9 percent of his punches.

“Tonight, I sent a message. I am the future of the division. That’s what the message was today,” Mbilli said.

“Canelo is the best. Everyone knows that. But now I want to show that I’m the best in the division. My goal is to fight him. I would do anything to fight him.”

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