SIGNING REPORT:Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian signs four-year extension with Longhorns

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    Texas will not lose head coach Steve Sarkisian, following speculation about Alabama’s coaching search.
    Sarkisian signed a four-year contract extension with the Longhorns to end a tumultuous week on the coaching merry-go-round.
    This was a positive step for the program for several reasons.
    Perhaps this news will bring more stability to a program that is out of the playoff picture.
    Steve Sarkisian isn’t going anywhere.
    By opting out of being called up by an NFL franchise, players can be confident that their coaches will honor their contracts.
    Recruits and portal transfers don’t have to worry about Sarkisian leaving for another job like Washington’s Karen DeBoer did.
    This move also shows that the school is fully committed to Sarkisian.
    That doesn’t mean Sarkisian’s time will be stress-free, but it has taken some of the anxiety off the coach and allowed him to simply do his job.
    Both teams are fully committed to winning a championship for Texas.
    Sarkisian wins overtime.
    His list of accomplishments at Texas is much more impressive than it was a year ago.
    Under his leadership, the team advanced to the four-team College Football Playoff, won the Big 12 championship and won 12 games in 2023.
    This culture is as quiet as it is these days.
    As his development progressed, Sarkisian was drafted eighth overall by the Falcons last offseason along with running back Bijan Robinson.
    He could potentially lead to more players being taken in the early rounds of the upcoming NFL Draft.
    Winning, growth and culture led to Sarkisian’s early contract extension.
    There is enough data to believe it was a good decision.
    In the Sarkisian era, expect continued success in the SEC in 2024.


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