News Updated: Cowboys finally announce their breakup over a $57.5 million “poor investment.

As the offseason approaches, it is anticipated that things will get ugly for the Dallas Cowboys. That’s what happens to a team that has another 12-5 record and another unexpected playoff collapse. A difficult few weeks are ahead of Mike McCarthy and the coaching staff. Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys, and the front office are going to have a difficult few weeks. The accountants for the team are also going to have a difficult few months. That final sentence may also indicate that some of the Cowboys’ more expensive players, like wide receiver Michael Gallup, will have difficult times.

Gallup served as a metaphor for everything that went wrong with the Cowboys this year. With 34 catches during the season, he was a huge letdown.

He had two catches for 25 yards in the first half and did not make a catch until the Packers were down, 20-0, despite posting impressive stats (six catches and 103 yards) in the defeat to the Packers.

Now that the Cowboys are in severe financial crunch, Gallup might be facing termination. This week’s Bleacher Report, which ranked the Cowboys players most likely to be “cap casualties,” expressed the same sentiment, ranking Gallup first for the team.

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