the Giants considering replacing their offensive coordinator…..

Although the New York Giants’ offense finished at or near the bottom of the league in almost every major category, offensive coordinator Mike Kafka continued to receive interest from teams in need of a head coach.
Seattle and Tennessee have reportedly requested interviews with the 36-year-old man.
Former quarterback for one year.

Giants' Mike Kafka to interview for Cardinals head coaching job

The head coaching merry-go-round is just starting to move, and Kafka is on board, but a failed attempt at a head coaching job doesn’t mean he’ll return to the Giants in 2024.
Head coach Brian Daboll told reporters he expects Kafka to return, but things could change quickly in New York.
When asked whether he expected Kafka to continue quoting the play (assuming he returned), Daboll responded noncommittally.
“We’ll be talking here over the next few months about what direction we’re going to take, and we’ll make a decision as we do a full assessment,” he said.
This raised some questions about whether Daboll, a former play-caller, intends to take over that aspect next season at Kafka’s expense.
Such a decision is Daboll’s right as head coach and makes perfect sense if the Giants intend to sign a future quarterback that Daboll personally signs.
Coming off a 6-11 season, Daboll will have to do his part to get his team back on an upward trajectory, and he’s certainly willing to give his full attention to developing a young quarterback to the top.
will play an active role.
Full Swing Just like he worked with Josh Allen when he was the Bills’ offensive coordinator.
This practical role is likely to include, at least initially, the calling of a play, which for Kafka would mean a significant role change that could be seen as a demotion, and also if he location, an action that could result in finding a job for oneself, if any.
Lateral movement.
If Kafka and the Giants part ways, the Daily News reports that quarterbacks coach Shea Tierney, who allowed Tierney to call plays in the second half of the game against Dallas in Week 10, will be promoted to offensive coordinator.
The expected plan is for Daboll to call plays to find a quarterback first before handing over the role to Tierney.
The Giants let the process move forward while Kafka met with the head coach.
The easiest and cleanest route would be for him to take the head coaching job, a promotion.
Even if that doesn’t happen, what happens next should give us some insight into how Daboll and the Giants feel about the quarterback position.

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