NEWS: NBA fan had a great performance against then became Allen Iverson…

Jalen Brunson had a great performance against the Washington Wizards on Thursday night, but one fan joked it was all because he saw rapper Koi LeRae on the sideline.
“Jalen Brunson looked at Coy LeRae on the sideline and became Allen Iverson in 2001.
” NBA players do their best when they see “bad guys” on the sideline.
Apparently it’s become a joke.
A good example is Jordan Poole, who entered the game with 24 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists, and 1 steal.
It was a solid performance, but it completely overshadowed the Knicks’ star.

Brunson had 41 points, eight rebounds, eight assists, two steals and one block on the night, a performance that would have made Allen Iverson proud.

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The 27-year-old relentlessly attacked the basket like Iverson in his prime, leading the Knicks to a 113-109 victory.
Jalen Brunson should be an All-Star in 2024.
Brunson surprisingly wasn’t named an All-Star last season, but he should be an All-Star this time around.
If he doesn’t make the team, Charles Barkley won’t be going to Indianapolis for All-Star Weekend.
“Jalen Brunson better be on the All-Star team or I’m not going to Indianapolis,” Barkley said.
“I tell you: (If) Jalen Brunson isn’t an All-Star, I’m not going.

Barkley also criticized the decision to remove De’Aaron Fox from the roster following the success of the Sacramento Kings with Fox at the helm this season.
Brunson and Fox’s frontcourt teammates include All-Stars Julius Randle and Domantas Sabonis.
It would have been difficult to give both teams two All-Stars, and this is a testament to the struggle of being an NBA guard and making an All-Star appearance.
Guards are always fighting to be selected as All-Stars The guard position ranks incredibly high in the NBA, and many guards are despised every year.
Outside of Anthony Davis and Pascal Siakam, most of the players getting attention are guards.
Brunson wasn’t the only East guard to miss out, with Trae Young, Darius Garland and James Harden also having All-Star selections.
In the West, Fox joins Devin Booker as the conference’s key snub.
However, it was difficult to make a case for Fox on four of the selected players, and the argument had to be made in favor of Fox over Damian Lillard.
Both players need to be front-runners to take part in the match in case one player withdraws with an injury at the last minute.
Brunson is averaging 22.
8 points, 6.
2 assists and 3.
5 rebounds this season, while Fox is averaging 24.
3 points, 6.
1 assists and 4.
3 rebounds.
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