BREAKING NEWS:”Punish the Cowboys” McCarthy: The truth that Jerry’s contract will not be extended..

FRISCO – In a “new report” about Mike McCarthy’s job security, ESPN rehashes both old news and a strangely positive spin on the Dallas Cowboys’ decision in what is apparently a no-jury situation.
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones elected to keep McCarthy as head coach on Wednesday night after the most shocking and disappointing end to a season in the franchise’s 64-year history.
As we wrote that night: “Jones-McCarthy has decided to keep his head coach on the final year of his contract with no job security next season, essentially.Mike McCarthy reportedly won't get Cowboys extension; will coach 2024  season on expiring contract

.Cowboys is a lame duck.
” That’s what I was told.
we told you that.
But four days later, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that he had a “source” saying so.
We say: 4 days late, but Schefter’s “source” is correct.
Meanwhile, we quoted Jones’ words directly explaining his decision: “We believe this team is very close and capable of achieving our ultimate goal.
McCarthy as head coach.
” It will be extremely beneficial to continue the team’s progress under Mike’s leadership as head coach.

“I support him 100 percent as our head coach and in his ability to achieve our goals.
This depletion of scheduled offers amounts to ‘punishment’ for the coach.
ESPN is trying to turn it into something else.
Schefter noted that Jones believes “the final year of a contract.
you get the best out of a person,” and that’s true.
But McCarthy isn’t much of a lame duck because that works to his advantage.
He doesn’t get an extension because it means compensation he doesn’t deserve.

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