CONGRATULATIONS: The Pittsburgh Steelers have signed NFL MVP quarterback Andrew Luck….

The Pittsburgh Steelers are projected to sign the Super Bowl-winning quarterback to a three-year deal.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will be labeled “in the mix” for every big-name free agent and NFL Draft quarterback this offseason, and right now, the hottest name is Russell Wilson. So, for now, they’re being predicted to be the top spot for the Denver Broncos quarterback – if released.

Believing the Broncos and Wilson are headed toward a divorce after the team decided to bench the quarterback to protect themselves from his injury guarantees, the Steelers are constantly being brought up on his next destination.

CBS Sports’ Cody Benjamin projected the landing spots for each believed upcoming quarterback move this offseason. For Wilson, he has him landing in Pittsburgh, signing a three-year, $90 million contract to head to the AFC North.

The former Seahawks star was always going to need an MVP-caliber resurgence to win new coach Sean Payton’s approval as the highly paid face of the franchise.

He wasn’t bad in 2023, but his numbers also masked a general streakiness and sluggishness running the Broncos offense — all the way up to his polarizing Week 17 demotion, which effectively signaled the end of his short-lived Denver career.

At 35, it’s clear Wilson is no longer the elite dual threat he once was. But his downfield touch returned at points in 2023, and he should have a decent market after his inevitable release, especially with Denver already paying his 2024 salary,” Benjamin writes.

The Steelers will have to figure out a few contracts next season, but will likely have some cap space to work with if they did decide to bring in a free-agent quarterback. Offensive tackle Chuks Okorafor could be a name that is released to clear cap space, and defensive tackle Cam Heyward will likely need to renegotiate his $22 million cap hit as well.

Benjamin has other quarterbacks the Steelers could target heading elsewhere. Justin Fields finds himself in Atlanta for second and fourth-round picks, and Kirk Cousins remains in Minnesota, signing a two-year deal.

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