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Here are some things the Bulls must do at the trade deadline.

The Chicago Bulls figure to be one of the significant players at this season’s trade deadline on February 8. Although the team has found its rhythm in the last month and a half, the improved play cannot mask the fact that they still have plenty of work to do to become a true contender. According to Zach Buckley of Bleacher Report, here are two things the Bulls must do to help them get on the path to relevance.

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Start by trading LaVine

Trading away All-Star guard Zach LaVine has been a challenging task. Between his injury history, one-way play, and humongous salary, the 28-year-old has become an albatross. Chicago’s front office has been trying to unload LaVine but to no avail, with the Los Angeles Lakers rumored to be backing away from the pursuit.

“Chicago should be burning up the phone lines in search of a reasonable landing spot. LaVine’s contract is the biggest financial burden on this organization, and his offense-only play isn’t worth the enormous pay rate. The Bulls’ next step—whether that’s a forward move with this core or a backward one until the next nucleus is ready—should start with a LaVine swap,” Buckley wrote.

Make a move at the deadline

The Bulls have not done anything in each of the last two trade deadlines, and look where the team is now—stuck in mediocrity. It’s time for the front office to make bold moves, no matter how difficult it may be to admit that this current team has essentially failed.

“Status quo isn’t cutting it. That should be obvious by now. The Bulls need to either expand their talent base in hopes of making playoff noise or tear it down to the foundation. Standing in the middle would leave this bunch indefinitely bound by mediocrity. If Chicago winds up making a push, it needs to push hard. This roster could be upgraded on both ends of the floor, and it might take multiple trades to cover all the bases,” Buckley added.



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