General Manager Trent Baalke Made The Obvious Official On…

General Manager Trent Baalke Made The Obvious Official On..

Shad Khan’s tenure as Jacksonville Jaguars owner has seen its highs and lows on the field. Off the field, though, there is work to do. Primarily when it comes to star pass-rusher Josh Allen. After a career year in which he shattered the franchise record for sacks, became their first drafted Pro Bowler since Jalen Ramsey, and ultimately was the brightest spot for the entire franchise, Allen is still left in contract limbo. Jaguars general manager Trent Baalke made the obvious official on Thursday, stating that Allen will still be a Jaguar in 2024. Whether that means by the form of franchise tag or the multi-year extension he has earned remains to be seen, but it isn’t hard to read in between the lines. “I know Josh wants to be here, I know we want him here. Can we come to a number that works for everybody? That’s the key. I respect that,” Baalke said. “Like I said last year with Evan’s (TE Evan Engram) situation, you got to respect these guys that put themselves in this position. They work hard, they deserve to make good money. What that good means to them could be different than what it means to us. We just got to come together, sit down at the table and work things out.” It certainly wasn’t a statement that made it seem like Baalke was chomping at the bit to make Allen the Jaguars’ first-ever $100 million player, which seems like the floor for what a new deal for him would look like considering his age, production, and positional value.

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