JUSTIN:Raiders Should Avoid Trading Up in the NFL..

Raiders Should Avoid Trading Up in the NFL Draft.

The Las Vegas have the 13th overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft. They have more than a few positions they need to bolster this offseason, including their quarterback position. While quarterback Aidan O’Connell played well in the second half of this season, the Raiders starting quarterback position will be a heated competition this offseason.

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This year’s Draft only has a handful of top-tier quarterbacks, and they’ll have all been selected by the time Las Vegas announces their selection. This has led to the idea of the Raiders possibly trading up with one of the top teams in the Draft to pick their quarterback of the future.

The Raiders have nine picks in this year’s Draft and multiple holes to fill on their roster. Some of those holes are only a player or two away from being solidified. O’Connell also played well this season, considering the difficult situation he was thrown into.

O’Connell played well enough this season that he earned the right to compete for the Raiders’ starting quarterback position this offseason. However, as rocky as this season was, the Raiders still had a shot at the playoffs until one of the last games.

They have a new head coach who’ll have an entire offseason to make necessary changes, and they have a new general manager who knows how to rebuild a team’s roster. Telesco has been relatively successful overall with his first-round draft picks, even the ones that were going to be successful, such as Joey Bosa.

The Raiders can add to their team as they see fit. The quarterback position undoubtedly needs additions to be made to it. Las Vegas, however, shouldn’t mortgage the future to gamble on a quarterback that may not work out.

Telesco shouldn’t want to hitch his legacy with the Raiders onto such a bold risk early in his tenure with the team. He has the knowledge and eye for talent to stay put at 13th overall and add to other positions on the team that could use a top talent, such as offensive lineman or linebacker while using free agency or the trade market to find another quarterback.

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