Reporter claims Lakers are close to trading…

LeBron James is unlikely to add a fifth NBA title to his resume with the Los Angeles Lakers this season, but one reporter says the team may give him an opportunity to pursue a championship elsewhere.

Reporter claims Lakers are close to trading LeBron JamesLeBron James might not secure a fifth NBA title with the Los Angeles Lakers this season, but there are reports suggesting that the team is considering trade options for him. KTLA sports anchor David Pingalore mentioned that Lakers GM Rob Pelinka is actively exploring trade opportunities for LeBron, and a potential suitor is in close consideration. Trading LeBron is reportedly the team’s primary focus leading up to the Feb. 8 trade deadline.

While Pingalore has just over 11,000 followers and is not known for being a prominent NBA insider, he has been reliable with major Los Angeles basketball news in the past. He was one of the first to report that Kawhi Leonard was signing with the Clippers back in 2019. He also had good information on LeBron joining the Lakers in 2018.

The Lakers have hovered around .500 all season, and LeBron has been open about his team not looking like a championship contender. A more notable NBA reporter also recently cast doubt on James’ future in L.A.If Pelinka and the Lakers’ brass feel they cannot contend again with James, it would make sense to explore potential trades for the 39-year-old. The question is what the return would be given LeBron’s age, though he looks healthy and is averaging an impressive 24.9 points, 7.7 assists and 7.5 rebounds per game. Perhaps there is a deal out there that makes sense for all parties.

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