NBA Insider Says LeBron James Used Sly Move to….

NBA Insider Says LeBron James Used Sly Move to….LeBron James had NBA fans in a tizzy after the Los Angeles Lakers‘ recent win over the New York Knicks, when he threw a Knicks towel over his shoulder while walking off the court at Madison Square Garden. Fans speculated about the meaning of the move by James, who has been vocal about the Lakers’ struggles to the media and making mysterious posts on social media. Mannix: Lakers Should Consider Trading LeBron James As it turns out, there might just be more than meets the eye to James donning the Knicks towel. During an episode of his podcast, Brian Windhorst and The Hoop Collective, Windhorst said he believes James wore the Knicks towel to “pressure the Lakers.”.

“He was cognizant and aware that he was putting on a towel that said New York Knicks. Why would he mess with the Knicks? Because he was using the Knicks as a tool to pressure the Lakers,” Windhorst said.

LeBron James made waves by donning a New York Knicks towel after his Los Angeles Lakers’ recent win at Madison Square Garden. Brad Penner/USA TODAY Sports While fellow reporter and guest Ohm Youngmisuk indicated that the Knicks give out towels with their logo on it to every team, Windhorst’s general point, especially in the context of James’s recent actions, still rings true. James, 39, is in the twilight of his career and presumably wants another shot at an NBA title, among other things. The Lakers, 26–25 and barely in the Western Conference playoff picture, need to improve if they want to give him that shot. The upcoming trade deadline could give Los Angeles an opportunity to do just that. Windhorst seems to believe that James is pressuring the Lakers to make a move-or else.



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