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At the point when reports came out that Pittsburgh Steelers wide recipients mentor Frisman Jackson wouldn’t return for the 2024 season, the talk plant promptly kicked into overdrive. The hot name? Previous Steelers WR Hines Ward. He’s an establishment legend, he interned with the Steelers and assisted with the wide collector room, was a wide beneficiaries mentor for Florida Atlantic College in 2021 and was even the lead trainer of the San Antonio Brahmas of the XFL.

So it’s not hard to connect the dots, is that right? Who wouldn’t want Ward to return to Pittsburgh and help instill the same enthusiasm and tenacity he brought to the team as a player? All things considered, Ward probably shouldn’t do as such. On Tuesday’s episode of the Chipped Ham and Football podcast, Gerry Dulac spoke with Brian Batko. Dulac speculated that Ward might be put off by his first attempt to coach the Steelers’ wide receivers.

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“The main thing that I will tell you, Brian, and I will tell others, would be to not pause your breathing,” Dulac said on the chance of Ward joining mentor Mike Tomlin’s staff. ” Hines Ward arrived in various quite a while back… and he assisted the wide recipients to the center, to the second piece of the time. And afterward he was keen on the wide collector work when Darryl Drake in the end got that position.”
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Ward came in as a training understudy during the 2017 NFL season. At the point when all inclusive collectors mentor Richard Mann resigned, Ward needed the work. As per Aditi Kinkhabwala, Ward and Tomlin were somewhere down in conversations and it appeared to be possible he would get the position. However, WR Antonio Brown, one of the most prominent members of the locker room, accidentally threw a wrench in that.

Kinkhabwala says that Ward wanted to be able to run the wide receiver room in his own way and hold everyone accountable. Evidently, Brown had an alternate arrangement of rules and, probably, there was no working around that on Tomlin’s part. So Drake landed the position.

Dulac stated, “I don’t think Hines liked the way it was handled in terms of basically being ignored for the full-time position after helping them out and throwing his hat in the ring.” I don’t feel that agreed with Hines. Therefore, I am unsure of Hines’ level of interest. Not such a huge amount in that frame of mind with the Steelers yet, in light of what happened last time, assuming he’ll be in a rush to attempt to toss his cap in the ring. I would rather not represent him, however… I believe that didn’t agree with him at that point. Whether that actually wouldn’t agree with him, I don’t have any idea.”

What we cannot deny is that Tomlin praises Ward when it was reported the last option was a semifinalist for the Expert Football Lobby of Distinction last November. Whether Ward has continued on (or on the other hand if continuing on was at any point truly required), we don’t have the foggiest idea. It will be fascinating to check whether Tomlin asks Ward interview for the gig, and assuming that occurs assuming Ward acknowledges.

Notwithstanding, Hines Ward is a darling individual from Steelers history. He exemplified what it meant to work hard and bring passion to the field, according to the majority of fans. In the event that Ward could impart that in the very gifted George Pickens, that would just be something to be thankful for.

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