NBA NEWS UPDATE:Following a quiet trade,the Lakers are….

NBA rumors: Following a quiet trade,the Lakers are reportedly pursuing Kyrie Irving once more.

Lakers might be holding out for a major offseason trade after inactive deadline..

The build-up to the NBA trade deadline revolved around the Los Angeles Lakers almost as much as any other team, but when the day actually came they decided to be conservative. There was little the front office could do in order to affect significant change, leading to general manager Rob Pelinka standing pat on Thursday.

The most logical path to Western Conference contention is for the Lakers’ supporting cast to step up down the stretch. It worked in 2023 and Pelinka clearly has enough confidence in the roster for the remainder of this season. Or is he just being practical?

Financial limitations and a “Lakers tax” were not the only obstacles facing LA at the deadline. Gambling on a player now could have jeopardized the team’s opportunity to land a bigger star this offseason.

“Moving forward, the Lakers plan to use the three picks that they will have available this summer — 2031, 2029 and either 2024 or 2025, depending on which pick the New Orleans Pelicans choose to receive as part of their return for 2019’s Anthony Davis trade — to pursue a star via trade,” Jovan Buha of The Athletic reported. “Three potential targets are Donovan Mitchell, Trae Young and Kyrie Irving, according to team and league sources.

Lakers could push for a LeBron James-Kyrie Irving reunion.

All three of those All-Star guards would send seismic waves through the basketball world if they arrived in LA, but Irving is especially notable given his history with LeBron James and the Lakers’ past interests in him. Would the team be willing to use this crucial draft capital on an injury-prone wildcard?

Or has this low-key stint with the Dallas Mavericks made the 2016 NBA champion an even more appealing option on the trade market? Adding big-game credibility is something that immensely benefits Los Angeles with the window to win another title with James dwindling. One can’t scoff at All-Stars Donovan Mitchell and Trae Young, either, however.

Simply put, the Lakers appear to have grand ambitions this summer. The rest of the 2023-24 campaign still holds incredible importance, but this development will make fans’ potential postseason disappointment much easier to manage. The industry and the world might not be ready for Kyrie Irving to come to Hollywood.

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