A player previously sought after by the Lakers impresses in their…

The Los Angeles Lakers trade deadline was one of great disappointment, even if the team may have been better off not making any moves.

Los Angeles was expected to be active in improving the team, but they felt that standing pat was better than making a bad trade.It’s understandable to consider the front office’s perspective, but now the team will focus on the players they have in the locker room. Los Angeles has reached an agreement in the buyout market with guard Spencer Dinwiddie, which should enhance the team’s scoring. Still, it’s difficult not to notice the players who were traded elsewhere in the league. There were rumors of Los Angeles being interested in reuniting with point guard Dennis Schroder, but he ended up being traded to the Brooklyn Nets, ironically for Dinwiddie.

In his debut with the Nets, Schroder played his heart out for his new team. He dropped 15 points, 12 assists and two rebounds to help the Nets grab the win over the San Antonio Spurs.

Schroder would have given the Lakers another play-making guard on the team who knows the system. He spent last season in Los Angeles and came up big in crucial moments for the squad. He should help the Nets greatly down the stretch of the season, and Brooklyn will benefit from having him. Schroder is a solid leader and always brings energy when he’s on the court.

Another Schroder return to the team wasn’t in the cards, but the Lakers feel good about where they are. Dinwiddie should be making his debut next week, and the team is excited about how they can finish this season.

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