JUST IN:As The analyst reaffirms criticisms of the…

Throughout the NBA season, plenty of hot takes are shared by analysts. Sometimes those hot takes are inaccurate and they are called out for it.

Upon being called out, they issue an apology and everyone moves on. But, that isn’t the case with TNT’s Candace Parker.Earlier this season, Parker made some comments about New York Knicks point guard Jalen Brunson that didn’t sit well with people. Parker was commenting on the team’s playoff run last season, stating that Brunson was good in Round 1 against the Cleveland Cavaliers but fell off in the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Miami Heat.A quick search of how those series went and it is clear Parker is factually wrong. Brunson’s production increased against the Heat as he tried to carry his Knicks into the Eastern Conference Finals. Even Brunson’s teammates came to his defense, as Josh Hart questioned whether Parker even watched the games she was commenting on.

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