JUST IN:The Lakers are anticipated to express interest in…

The Los Angeles Lakers had a quiet trade deadline.

The team opted to sign Spencer Dinwiddie in the post-deadline buyout market. But they were active behind the scenes, both looking for potential deals to improve the team as well as shooing away some prospective suitors of some of their players, namely LeBron James.

James drew interest from the Philadelphia 76ers, who were rebuffed by Lakers brass. The Lakers star declined interest from the Golden State Warriors.Now, the Lakers could try poaching the Warriors, namely five-time All-Star Klay Thompson.

“I expect him to test the marketplace,” The Athletic’s Shams Charania said on the “Pat McAfee Show” on February 16. “I would expect both Florida teams, I would expect both LA teams, I would expect potentially a couple East Coast teams to have interest in Klay Thompson.

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