Suddenly: Jared Goff Obtaining employment with new job….

Booher, Christian: Although I have a lot of respect for JJ McCarthy, I don’t think the Lions should try to acquire a quarterback. Additionally, after unwaveringly supporting Jared Goff for the last three seasons, I don’t see Brad Holmes altering his tone.

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Booher, Christian: Despite my admiration for JJ McCarthy, I don’t believe the Lions ought to pursue a QB acquisition. In addition, I don’t see Brad Holmes changing his tone after blindly backing Jared Goff for the previous three seasons.

Vito Chirco: I really disagree with this. McCarthy had a fantastic win-loss record and a national title to show for his many victories at Michigan, as far as I’m aware. But with McCarthy at quarterback, the Wolverines were a run-heavy, run-first team, so he never felt pressured to make more than a few huge throws in a game.

He had a great time in college, and I’ll give him his flowers in appreciation for everything he accomplished at Michigan. That doesn’t mean, though, that I would make a trade to get him earlier in the April draft, especially given the Lions’ far more pressing needs (both offensively and defensively).

I’ll offer him his flowers in appreciation for everything he accomplished at Michigan. He had a great time at college, no doubt. Though the Lions have far more pressing needs (on both sides of the ball), it doesn’t mean I’d swing a deal to move up for him in this April’s draft.

Booher: Though the likelihood of that happening is very low, I do think there is a potential that Goff will not be granted an extension. With all the ingredients in place to win a Super Bowl, the Lions shouldn’t contemplate taking a chance on a rookie quarterback since he has proven himself to the community of Detroit and performed at a high level.

If the parties cannot agree on compensation, it is the only way I can imagine Goff not receiving an extension. It’s difficult to determine where both parties are on the extension since Holmes plays his cards close to the vest. But I think a solution will be reached ultimately between the two parties.

Chirco: If Goff and the Lions can’t agree on a long-term contract deal this summer, I’d be stunned.

Goff has publicly expressed his admiration for Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes on several occasions, and the seasoned signal-caller has done the same on numerous more occasions. I believe that both parties recognize how much better off they are together than apart. And for good reason—I envision them completing a new contract before the 2024 season begins.

Booher: It’s difficult to ignore the Packers as contenders moving forward, given what they accomplished in the second half of the season. There is an extremely skilled group of playmakers surrounding Jordan Love, who was excellent.

Green Bay will be looking to acquire more seasoned players, so this summer will be crucial. I believe it will be competitive with the Lions in the NFC North by 2024 if they have another strong draft.

Chirco: In my opinion, the Packers have arrived and provide a real chance to unseat the Lions as the NFC North champions in 2024.

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