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Divergent views exist on the best course of action for the Chicago Bears in regards to their quarterback dilemma. In a recent one-on-one interview with Michael Vick on the Green Light Podcast, Chris Long questioned Vick regarding Justin Fields. Vick offered some fascinating insights into the quarterback for the Bears.

Bears, Justin Fields fighting to finish fledgling Falcons | Reuters

“I truly hope he moves on to the next phase. He is more than capable, in my opinion. Furthermore, I am aware that you are limited by the resources your offensive coordinator provides. However, there are occasions when you can go beyond that. They ought to be competing for a postseason spot at the end of the season since he is so talented.

Michael Vick is aware of Justin Fields’ abilities and the difficulties he encountered working with Luke Getsy, his previous offensive coordinator. Vick thinks great players may still succeed in spite of these challenges and play at a high level.

Michael Vick ends NFL career after failing to find employment | NFL News |  Sky Sports The Chicago Bears had a limited chance of making the playoffs, despite being in contention late in the season. It begs the question, will the Bears commit to Fields for the next campaign? Fields may not be in the best of circumstances if Chicago chooses to let go of him, so the timing may not be perfect.

Vick continued by discussing the Atlanta Falcons, his previous team The truth is that, with Atlanta’s wealth of offensive tools, Fields may thrive with a new beginning at home. More information will become clear during the next combine, and conversations on the Bears quarterback issue will begin to take shape.

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