Sad News:Stephen A. Smith rips LeBron James for…

Stephen A. Smith rips LeBron James for ‘ruining’ NBA Slam Dunk Competition Stephen A. Smith hammered the NBA All-Star Game Monday for being an “absolute travesty,” but he also took aim at the Slam Dunk Contest.

Stephen A. Smith Blamed a surprising figure for that event’s issues LeBron James.Like many other NBA fans in the wake of Sunday night’s defense-less 211-186 NBA All-Star Game, the First Take host said the NBA should “do away” with the game, and he extended that thought to the slam dunk even.Mac McClung won his second straight.LeBron James is directly responsible for ruining the Slam Dunk Contest…” Smith began, before his co-hosts began interrupting him with surprised reactions. “I’m not finished, I’m not finished … and I’m not laughing. …

“Every high jumper, every skywalker, every above-the-rim talent salivated for the opportunity to compete in the Slam Dunk Contest. It stopped when LeBron James said, ‘I’m not doing it dunk competition this year, and while he had some sensational dunks, he is an NBA G League player. The contest has come a long way from the days when superstars such as Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins dueled for the title.

Through the years, more of the NBA’s top stars began skipping the event, so it’s not like James started that trend. But Smith blamed the Los Angeles Lakers star for accelerating that exodus

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