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Today, two Rangers supporters were sentenced to three years and nine months in prison for ambushing a Celtics supporter, resulting in a brain damage. On February 2nd, 2022, Jordan Adam, 27, and Richard Love, 26, ambushed Paul Connolly, 47, when he was on a train in Glasgow’s Shettleston.

Celtic injury latest as timeline for 7 first-team stars emerges amid  fitness battle for Rangers showdown

Celtic injury latest as timeline for 7 first-team stars emerges amid  fitness battle for Rangers showdown

The two sang “Glasgow Celtic Paedophiles” to Mr. Connolly, the social worker, who asked them to stop. “Beasts, paedos and bead rattling b******s” was the term they used to describe Mr. Connolly and his companions.

The three got into a fight, which escalated into violence, and the two guys ambushed Mr. Connolly. Later, Adam gave Mr. Connolly a hard stomp on his head, knocking him out.

After Celtic’s 3-0 victory over Rangers at Parkhead earlier that evening, Adam and Love entered guilty pleas at Glasgow Sheriff Court to assaulting Mr. Connolly, causing him severe injury, impairment, permanent disfigurement, and danger to his life. Sheriff Tom Hughes said he would have imprisoned the men, who are from Airdrie and Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, for five years, but for their guilty pleas.

He said: “Your thuggish behavior on the aforementioned night caused Mr. Connolly a great deal of trouble.” It’s your own fault if you are feeling sorry for yourself in this situation.

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“Mr. Connolly is dealing with issues; while you plan to leave your term, he won’t. You have the responsibility for his long-term issues as a result of this.

“As I read the newspapers and watched the television, I wondered what the people in Scotland thought about this. They will hear about injuries sustained by football players as a result of the actions of individuals like you.

“There was mayhem on the streets, and people were afraid to visit Glasgow on Old Firm Day because there were foolish people causing trouble.” What would happen if your family ended up in A&E following a match and required assistance because there are individuals just like you?

“Medics are unable to see patients due to parked ambulances and the senseless violence perpetrated by individuals like you.” Individuals engaged in pointless activities have to consider the challenges facing society as a whole.

“The courts have made it quite obvious that we cannot stand for this to continue occurring on our streets. Enough is enough. Anyone participating in this risks serious consequences for their conduct, and you and others like you should be aware of that.”

“F*** off” and “It’s a shambles” were yelled by spectators as the two were taken into custody and the sheriff had to issue a warning to them about their behavior.

For a span of seven years, Adam and Love were prohibited from attending any football games. Adam and Love boarded the train in Glasgow’s city center while intoxicated, according to testimony given previously in court.

Afterwards, Mr. Connolly, Jaqueline Seery, his companion, and Pauline McGeough, her acquaintance, joined them. Mr. Connolly and his companions started singing Celtic chants when Love performed tunes from the Rangers.

Love chanted “Big Jock Knew” and “Glasgow Celtic paedophiles” while gesturing toward Mr. Connolly and his pals, according to the court, which “turned” the environment.

Love and Adam called Mr. Connolly and his words to “shut the f*** up” “Beasts, paedos, and bead rattlers.”

Mr. Connolly and Love got into a fight, with Love being restrained at first by Adam. As things became worse, Adam threw himself forward, swinging his arms in Mr. Connolly’s direction, hitting his head and torso.

“Love punched Mr. Connolly in the head and upper body before other passengers removed him,” the fiscal depute stated.

Before Mr. Connolly and Miss Seery got off the train at Easterhouse station, the two were split up. “Love ran towards the victim and he fell to the ground as he punched him repeatedly while he was on the ground,” the depute said.

“As he was on the ground, Adam ran up and assisted Love as he ran and stamped on the head of Mr Connolly which caused him to become unconscious and sustained a cut to his forehead.”

When the police and paramedics came, Love was still there, but Adam had left. Police subsequently paid the couple a visit, took them into custody, and then released them.

Mr. Connolly was admitted to the hospital in the interim and received treatment for injuries to his nose and head that would require lifelong healing.

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