GOOD NEWS: The Bears QB is Willing to Stay if this Four Requirement are…


Justin Fields may be dealt this offseason for the first time in his career.

But would he rather stay in Chicago?

Yes, of course. “Of course I want to stay,” Fields told the St. Brown brothers on “The 33rd Team.” “To be honest, bruh, I’m trying to… with all the buzz [about Caleb Williams, his trade speculations, etc.], it’s difficult to just, you know, be in one place. But I can’t imagine myself performing in another location.

“If it were up to me, I’d want to stay in Chicago. I adore the city. The city is lighted. The fans there are fantastic. It is a business. I have no control over it. Whatever occurs, happens.

Fields has lived in Chicago for three years. The Bears traded up in the 2020 NFL draft to get him with the 11th pick. Then he was believed to be the Bears’ next signal caller.

However, after three seasons of inconsistent play at the position, the Bears may consider a different approach. Caleb Williams of USC has been dubbed a generational talent this offseason. And with the first pick in the 2024 NFL draft, the Bears have an unrivaled opportunity to select him.

“I feel just like the greatest thing with all of this going on right presently, I fair need it to be over,” Areas said. “Like, fair let me know on the off chance that I’m getting exchanged. Let me know if I’m remaining, this which .”

Areas specified he appreciates observing film amid the offseason. But without a concrete group to observe film for, it gets to be an work out of worthlessness.

So where may Areas be exchanged to this offseason?

His hometown group, the Atlanta Birds of prey, has overwhelmed rumors. They require a modern quarterback and they fair contracted a modern coaching staff with head coach Raheem Morris and hostile facilitator Zac Robinson.

What would Areas think of playing for the Hawks?

“I think they got a part of playmakers on the group,” Areas said. “Of course, Bijan [Robinson]. They got my boy Kyle [Pitts] there. Of course, Drake [London]. They likely require one more collector, but they certainly got a few folks over there. And their defense was great this year, as well.”

On the off chance that you’re one who peruses profound into the tea clears out, he takes after all three of those names he specified on social media. But, Areas discredited the hypothesis of his social media giving setting to his offseason, as he told the St. Brown brothers he unfollowed the Bears on Instagram to declutter his timeline.

Do not get it twisted, the Hawks are a reasonable alternative. And agreeing to NFL insider Jordan Schultz, there’s a buzz around the association around the Falcons’ intrigued in Areas.

“With the Birds of prey, there’s completely a building buzz among the NFL that the Birds of prey would be in play for Justin Areas,” Schultz said.

“And it’s my understanding that Areas at this point likely commands a late first-round pick. So you’ll be able get genuine esteem for him. In a perfect world, permit him to restart his career some place else.”

In case you haven’t heard, the Fields vs. Williams argument has dominated the Bears’ offseason discussions. But Fields is past those discussions and simply wants to know what his next actions are.


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