Celtics Announce Dismissing Two Players From Miami Due To……

Paul Pierce, a former Boston Celtics player, claims that Udonis Haslem exaggerated the animosity between the Miami Heat and Boston.

Paul Pierce Downplays The Miami Heat-Boston Celtics Rivalry During 2010s -  Sports Illustrated Miami Heat News, Analysis and More

The Miami Heat have frequently been criticized by NBA legend Paul Pierce.

He never missed an occasion to criticize the Heat while working as an ESPN commentator. The rivalry between the Heat and the Celtics in the 2010s, according to Pierce, wasn’t as intense as former Heat player Udonis Haslem has previously suggested.

Pierce discussed it on this week’s appearance on The Dan LeBatard Show.

“To begin with of all, I’m attempting to keep in mind when he told me that since I never keep in mind hearing that,” Penetrate said. “Moment of all, when we played Miami when Udonis Haslem was out there, I do not keep in mind no difficult screens, no difficult fouls, and presently that we’re in retirement attempting to get our podcast off, I’m beginning to listen this despise.”

The competition come to its top while LeBron James, Dwyane Swim and Chris Bosh within the early 2010s when the Celtics were driven by Kevin Garnett, Beam Allen and Penetrate.

They met in the 2011 Eastern Gathering elimination rounds and 2012 meeting finals, with the Intensity winning both series. It arrived at another level when Allen joined the Intensity for the 2013 season.

Penetrate and Haslem had the greatest hamburger, dating to when Haslem considered his opponent a “studio hoodlum.” Haslem has never shied from verbally competing with Puncture, in any event, saying he’d move him to battle.

“I annoy individuals,” Penetrate said. “I never loved Miami. I regarded them, yet what will be will be. I’d prefer do it in a pay phone, yet assuming that you really want more space in the supermarket, that is cool as well.”

Shandel Richardson covers the Miami Intensity for Inside The Intensity, a Fan Country channel for Sports Represented. He takes care of the NBA beginning around 2010.

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