DONE DEAL: Tomlin have Completed $84.2million Russell Wilson 4Years con…


Chad Johnson believes Russell Wilson will end up with the Steelers.

Russell Wilson is anticipated to be one of the most elevated profile free operators of the NFL offseason, as the Denver Broncos have as of now publicized their aim to discharge the quarterback. Whereas Wilson isn’t the player he once was, he still may get a chance to start with the proper team.

Steelers-Russell Wilson speculation begins after Broncos benching

There are numerous groups that may well be looking to include a quarterback, but previous wide collector Chad Johnson said he’s hearing one group in specific seem go after Wilson.

“A small birdie told me, and I said this numerous appears back, Russell Wilson coming on over there to the Steelers,” Johnson said on his Nightcap Appear podcast with Shannon Sharpe.

Sharpe proposed that Pittsburgh may really exchange for Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Areas, but Johnson claims Areas is headed to the Atlanta Birds of prey instead.

“I told you, I got the script,” Johnson said.

The Steelers may well be seeking out for a ingenious to compete with Kenny Pickett, who is entering a urgent third season within the NFL. In 2023, Pickett played in 12 diversions and totaled fair 2,040 passing yards, six touchdowns and four interceptor, wrapping up the season with an harm.

Pittsburgh still made the playoffs indeed after Pickett got harmed, and Wilson would provide the group an experienced alternative in case Pickett doesn’t take the next step.

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