DONE DEAL: Bengals have Reportedly Completed a $142million Veteran Quarterback…


Bengals 2023 Position Review: Wide Receivers.
Despite what the old Sewell meme may have you believe, it matters who Joe Burrow throws the ball to.

There were rumors of a potential Tee Higgins expansion some time recently the season begun, but it never came to realization. Higgins finished up having a baffling season by and large. He had a few damage issues and as it were caught more than one pass in ten recreations all season. He wrapped up the season with 656 yards and five touchdowns on 42 gatherings.

On the other hand, Ja’Marr Chase did not disillusion. Joe Burrow’s college colleague caught 100 passes for 1,216 yards and seven touchdowns on the year and made the Master Bowl on the off chance that you’re into that sort of thing.

The third amigo, Tyler Boyd, positioned moment in getting for the group, pulling in 67 passes for 667 yards and two scores.

The Bengals drafted two wide recipients final year, and in spite of the fact that both were Day 3 picks, they come with a parcel of guarantee.

Charlie Jones didn’t see a part of activity on offense, in spite of the fact that he was around a foot brief of catching a long landing pass from Jake Browning late within the year. He did discover the conclusion zone, in spite of the fact that, on a punt return within the team’s to begin with matchup against the Baltimore Ravens.

It was Andrei Iosivas who made more of an affect on the hostile side of the ball. The Princeton heptathlete had 116 yards on 15 catches, but a whopping 4 of them were touchdowns. He had one less landing than Higgins on a third of the targets.

Iosivas gathered a part of intrigued from Bengals wide collectors coach Troy Walters amid the pre-draft prepare but was sold as a formative extend. The track star was jumps and bounds ahead of desires and may well be a major player for this group within the future.

2024 Viewpoint
Higgins is the huge conversation of the offseason, with everybody who knows the Bengals saying he will be diversified and all of the talking heads considering they know Fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, distant way better and talking almost his potential landing spots.

It’s most likely that he will be playing on the tag following season, but a tag and exchange wouldn’t come as a colossal shock to me.

There has been a part of conversation around possibly drafting a Higgins substitution, but to be genuine, I think they as of now have. Iosivas is an perfect substitution for Higgins, who can do a parcel of the same things. The Ivy Leaguer has appeared his smarts, creating rapidly in his rookie season, and encompasses a ceiling higher than your brother-in-law at the Pink Floyd Laser Appear.

Individuals have fundamentally chosen that this was Boyd’s final year in stripes, but I do not know on the off chance that that’s essentially true. The 29-year-old space may not get the cash he is searching for on the open market, particularly since each draft course appears to be stacked with wide recipients recently.

In the event that the Bengals were mulling over exchanging Higgins, they may be more slanted to bring back Boyd and not have such a enormous move in pass catchers for their youthful quarterback.

The in-house choice to supplant Boyd is Jones, but as stated, he encompasses a long road to travel. Jones has the flexibility to play on the exterior, which would deliver the group more adaptability to utilize Chase within the opening and make favorable matchups.


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