DONE DEAL: The Detroit Lions have just signed a $182 million defensive tackle….

This offseason, the Detroit Lions have the chance to sign one big free agent.

Now that teams are aware of the $30 million rise in the salary cap, general managers who have made wise signing decisions may afford to take a few chances with unrestricted free agents.

Ahead of the 2024 NFL combine, ESPN recently recommended risky actions for each of the 32 teams.

It has been much suggested that the Lions should upgrade their defence through free agency and the draft.

The Lions should pursue one of the best defensive tackles in the NFL, according to writer Aaron Schatz, to bolster a pass-rushing squad that is in need of more strength.

Chris Jones of the Kansas City Chiefs will be one of the most sought-after free agents because of his ability to rush the passer.
As the division winners with cap space to spare, the Lions are in a strong position this summer. The Lions will thus most likely be linked to every significant free agent that becomes available, particularly in the defence sector, according to Schatz. “There will be discussions about a number of veterans joining the Lions in an attempt to end the team’s curse and win the Super Bowl. But a player who has already won would be the greatest option Jones of the Chiefs was one of the three.

The Lions’ pass-rush victory percentage (35.6%) placed them 27th in the previous campaign. Because of Aidan Hutchinson’s persistent double-teaming and James Houston’s injury, Aaron Glenn had an even harder time figuring out how to consistently produce pressure without blitzing.

Despite playing against two teams, Jones’ pass-rush win percentage (19.6%) was the second-highest.

“The Lions could sign Jones and plug him right in as the 3-technique tackle with Levi Onwuzurike coming off the bench,” Schatz said. “Jones played a very high 73% of snaps in games where he was active last season, but everybody needs a breather every so often.”

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