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Wednesday, November 1, 2023, at Celtic Park, during the thrilling Premiership match between Celtic and St Mirren, with Peter Lawwell and Michael Nicholson in the stands.

Chris Sutton not buying Celtic Board's excuses in interim results |  OneFootball

In his Daily Record editorial, Sutton claims that Peter Lawwell’s responses fell short of providing a sufficient justification for the club’s inability to effectively organise and carry out transfer plans over the previous two windows.

To be really honest, I don’t think there were enough good responses to the important questions. primarily, the disappointment at not being able to bolster the team more. Although there was a collective admission of guilt, nothing changed, and the key issue remains: why were these errors made?

“Who bears the fault? Although they’ll never admit it, there is responsibility somewhere if money were available, and that exposes Celtic to a great deal of criticism and conjecture.The designated targets were not accessible. Okay, list a few or more possibilities. To put it plainly, are you telling me that Alexandro Bernabei is the only left-back available to cover Greg Taylor better than anybody else? Come on.

Following the thrilling Scottish Premiership encounter between the Rangers and Celtic at Ibrox on September 03, 2023, Brendan Rodgers shakes hands with Odin Thiago Holm.

Alexandro Bernabei joins Celtic in £3.75m deal | Transfer Centre News | Sky  Sports

Furthermore, I’m not quite clear how Celtic is related to transfer activity in England being at its lowest point in ten years. Would they have spent a lot of money to acquire from the Premier League down south regardless of events in England, considering Brendan Rodgers’ remarks about the need to be more courageous in the marketplace?

The observation on England is accurate, and Celtic should have benefited more from the fact that English teams were less active as a result of FFP because they wouldn’t be vying for players in the £5–10 million range.

After that, the pundit retreated to discuss the team’s summer hiring, which has revealed a deficiency in talent.
August 20, 2023; Rugby Park, Kilmarnock, Scotland: Celtic vs. Kilmarnock in the Scottish Viaplay Cup Football; Liam Scales, Gustaf Lagerbielke, and Maik Nawrocki of Celtic.

“Anyway, what about the summer that was truly significant for Celtic?” Marco Tillo was gone; Odin Thiago Holm hardly booted a ball. Kwon, departing; Project Hyun-jun Yang; Gustaf Lagerbielke, who was informed he might have left in January; Maik Nawrocki, who is now in line behind Stephen Welsh; Luis Palma, who has performed satisfactorily but has slowed down and requires fitness; Paulo Bernardo took a while to get momentum and eventually lost his position in the side. Nat Phillips came and went.

“Those mistakes from last summer are the reason Celtic were stumbling in January, and the fact that Adam Idah and Nicolas Kuhn aren’t automatic starters says it all.”

Despite the shortage of funding in January, Celtic must concentrate on improving their on-field performances. In order to keep the Premiership championship, Rodgers, as a Premier League manager, must get the most out of the club and produce a run of play worthy of it.

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