New Deal:Four DealsThe Lakers Must Offload during Off-season…

The Los Angeles Lakers aim to strengthen their lineup with the goal of acquiring a superstar. While uncertainty looms over LeBron James’ player option, ensuring his retention hinges on assembling a formidable team around him.

This will be a difficult feat, as their salary cap sheet paints the picture of a team needing to shed salaries. Let’s take a look at four Lakers players whose contracts need to be absolved this summer.

Rui Hachimura was a valuable acquisition for the Lakers last season, as he instantly gave the Lakers a shot in the arm and helped salvage what seemed to be a lost season. Now that the dust has settled, his flaws are showing. He’s not consistent on the glass and he doesn’t bring much to the table when his shots aren’t falling. And he’s not a consistent enough scorer.He’ll have 36 points against the Utah Jazz and eight points against the Golden State Warriors on primetime. He’ll go 1-of-4 from deep and 6-of-8 from deep.

The Lakers need more of a consistent option, especially when LeBron James sits. Hachimura hasn’t proven capable of being that.However, he inked a three-year deal worth $51 million and is owed $35 million in the next two seasons. He presents ample salary filler for a trade this summer. 

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