Sad News Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills couldn’t…

  1. Josh Allen has clear message about Bills’ playoff shortcomings

After several years of trying to take down the Kansas City Chiefs, Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills couldn’t get the job done this season, despite having home-field advantage over Patrick Mahomes and Co.

The 27-24 defeat was painful for many Bills members, especially Allen. The star quarterback recently opened up on not being able to take the final step to play in the Super Bowl, making an admission about his team’s play.

“We keep saying we’re close. We’re right there, you know?” Allen told Sports illustrated “It comes down to making one or two more plays. We need to. It’s heavy on my shoulders.”

Moreover, he spoke about playing against Mahomes, explaining that, as big as their games are, Allen doesn’t consider this duel a rivalry. The Bills star made it clear he’s not going directly against Mahomes on the field, as he has a different unit to worry about.

“I think it’s another game for me,” Allen added. “Whether it’s him over there, whether it was Lamar [Jackson], whether it was Joe [Burrow], or whoever it was. The name of the game is to win. It doesn’t matter who’s over there playing. We get so caught up in the quarterback versus quarterback controversy. I’m not playing him. I’m playing that defense and their defensive coordinator.”

After the playoffs started, the Bills looked like they had everything in place to be successful this season and finally win the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The Chiefs had other plans, and even with the whole stadium rooting against them, Mahomes came out victorious, putting the NFL on notice.

Allen and Bills Mafia will have to wait another season to challenge for the championship, joining a host of teams ready to dethrone Mahomes after back-to-back Super Bowl wins.

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