LeBron James Has Spent Over $100,000 On….

LeBron James once spent around $100,000 on a picture just because he wanted his wife, Savannah, to do a photo shoot like what was shown in it.

LeBron’s former teammate, Michael Beasley, recounted James buying the picture when they were together at a restaurant in New York.“I remember one time, we was in New York,” Beasley said. “I forgot, it was some Italian restaurant and it was a picture on the wall that some famous person took. It was like $100,000 or some s***. And Bron looked at it and he called his wife and he was like, ‘Yo, I want you to do a photo shoot like the picture.'”

James then bought the picture and told Beasley he would put it in his storage and hang the one with his wife in his house.

“He had the owner come over but he told the dude I want to buy it,” Beasley continued. “So now I’m like, ‘Really? Bro, what you about to do with that?’ This might have been the most player, romantic, boss s*** I’ve ever seen, he literally said, ‘I’m gonna have my wife recreate the photo shoot. I’m gonna put this one in the storage and I’m gonna my wife’s in the house.”

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