Recently: Bills Have Receive Another WR Contract Signed $7oo Mill….

In life, everything has a value proposition. This covers the choice Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane and the team must make on wide receiver Gabe Davis.

“What you get” as opposed to “what you give.” You made a value offer this morning when you got out of bed. Right then, everything you wanted to do or accomplish outside of bed was more important than staying in bed. You may have sacrificed more time in bed, but you were rewarded with a job and a salary because you kept your word. Perhaps you sacrificed more time in bed, but in exchange you got to take a shower, clean your teeth properly, and go to the bookstore. I’m giving up time to write this post right now, but in exchange, Buffalo Rumblings pays me a monthly salary and I get to enjoy writing about my favorite team.

One of my least favorite questions to ask when talking about upcoming NFL free agents is “should the (team) re-sign (player)?” Inevitably, the replies take on a peculiar blend of endorsing the player’s actions as indispensable and denouncing them as unfit for an NFL squad. “Should the team re-sign this player?” is never the right question to ask. We are omitting half of a value proposition if we are just summarizing it.

We are aware of what we will receive. We’re getting the player who the most of us have seen contribute significantly to the squad throughout their tenure.

But we’re not sure what we’re providing.

How in the world are we to base decisions on a value proposition that is only partially present.

Regarding Gabe Davis, the next free agency wide receiver for the Bills, it doesn’t matter if the player is valuable to the team. Speaking favorably of himself and his teammates, the coaching staff, and Brandon Beane, Davis has been a productive player. Without a doubt, the player is valuable. The key question in those conversations is how much value, after taking opportunity cost (NFL clubs play in a resource-constrained environment) and replaceability into consideration, it is worth in contract dollars. Many people are probably going to respond differently to the question, “Would you re-sign Gabe Davis to a four-year, $80 million contract?” than to the one, “Would you re-sign Gabe Davis to a one-year, $4 million contract.

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