Nottingham Forest head coach Send A Shocked News A playerTo sig…

Ian Wright has stated that the type of mistakes Nottingham Forest is making in games has startled him.

The commentator has been featured in the podcast for Wrighty’s House.

What, therefore, about Forest’s most recent performances has Wright been surprised by Let’s investigate more closely.

It’s safe to assume that the commentator has been taken aback by something that Forest keeps doing.

With Everton receiving four of the ten points that were taken away from them, the Reds are currently 17th in the Premier League.

Nuno Espirito Santo finally needs a winning streak since Forest might be deducted as well.

Wright has now revealed what caught him off guard during Forest’s 4-2 loss to Aston Villa over the weekend.

“You look at Forest and in certain games, they look very clinical, very aggressive, very focused, and you think that’s the least they are going to be able to keep, especially away from home where you can wait and bide your time,” he said on the Wrighty’s House Podcast.

But they simply make so many errors; they mishandle some of the final passes in attack, and then all of a sudden, you’re behind 3-0. Similar to what just transpired.

From a Forest standpoint, the expensive aspect is that their margin of error between them and the relegation zone is decreasing.

Forest is now just one spot above the relegation zone, therefore the Reds must win soon.

Defeating West Ham was meant to be the beginning of something special, but Villa delivered a harsh reality check over the weekend.

Wright’s assessment of Forest and the weekly mistakes that are being made is accurate.

The head coach will have several challenges in the upcoming weeks, but Forest must making careless errors quite.

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