Good News :Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Signed $74.3 Million New Contract For Two Good Players…

Adding a quality player from the Carolina Panthers may help the Dallas Cowboys, who already have one of the strongest teams in the NFL, reach new heights. Although Dallas has a lot of defensive skill, linebacker is one area where they are vulnerable.

In 2023, the Cowboys attempted a number of John Fields fixes for the LB group, but none of them truly took. For this reason, of Pro Football Network thinks the club will go for Panthers linebacker Frankie Luvu.

“Linebacker was far and away the Cowboys’ biggest concern throughout the 2023 season as injuries left the room plenty thin, and it looks to require a significant overhaul this offseason,” Fields wrote on February 25. “Luvu would be a strong piece to anchor the room after carving out a key role over the last two seasons with the Carolina Panthers… Although the Panthers may make a push at bringing him back, joining a Dallas team that’s more likely to contend, and playing a key role in that pursuit, could appeal to Luvu.”

At 27, Luvu is just about to hit his peak, so he anticipates a big contract. However, there might not be a better choice to replace the Cowboys’ absentee at linebacker.
Undrafted Free Agent to Starter for the Panthers

As a Washington State product, Luvu initially tried his luck in the NFL during the 2018 draft cycle, but he was not selected. Soon after, he was drafted by the New York Jets, who used him on their practice squad until promoting him to the starting lineup for 14 games that season.

Luvu only started four games during his three years in New York, but he made forty appearances overall, which gave him plenty of developing experience. In 2021, his search for a more meaningful opportunity brought him to Carolina.

Luvu made an impression that season while playing backup, and he has since established himself. Following off his 2022 season that included 19 tackles for loss, 7 sacks, a forced fumble, and an interception, Luvu had another outstanding year.

Pro Football Reference reports that in 2023, Luvu recorded a career-high 125 tackles, along with two forced fumbles, five pass swatts, and an additional 5.5 sacks. Both Luvu’s footage and numbers demonstrate the same thing: he is now stopping offences in several defensive domains rather than just one.

Luvu anticipates a large deal, much like the majority of free agents. He has even more motivation to pursue the largest deal before his juice runs out, given that he joined the league as a UDFA.

According to Spotrac’s estimation, his annual market value is $11.2 million, meaning a four-year contract is quite probable. Given that the deal would only place Luvu as the ninth-highest paid linebacker in the NFL, it is not an unreasonable request.

Pro Football Reference reports that in 2023, Luvu recorded a career-high 125 tackles, along with two forced fumbles, five pass swatts, and an additional 5.5 sacks. The same is evident from Luvu’s footage and stats: he is currently stopping offences in not just.

Although it looks like a terrific deal, the Cowboys just don’t have a lot of money to spend. In addition to the necessity to make improvements elsewhere on the roster, there are other issues to deal with, such as QB Dak Prescott’s future.

Dallas is $4 million above the salary cap, but Luvu is still a possibility. Luvu and the other big free agents are secondary considerations unless they take the required action to address that.

Journalist Evan Reier covers the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys for In the past, he worked as a managing editor for Outsider and covered sports for the Montana Standard.


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