“Leave him; he’s not special.” Running back for the Chicago Bears has been…….

The Chicago Bears are expected to choose Caleb Williams as the first overall choice in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft. The problem is that ESPN analyst and former NFL running back Merril Hoge doesn’t think the potential is worth the Bears and other clubs in the league selecting.

Williams has distinguished himself while playing for the USC Trojans by being one of the top prospects competing for the next draft. The 6’1′′ quarterback achieved this achievement by showcasing a talent for taking advantage of opponents with his excellent feel for the game and perfect accuracy.

However, Williams has a number of shortcomings that might jeopardize his NFL career. Among these include his inability to throw and catch football on time, his slow progressions, the need to work on his timing in order to play in the NFL, and his hero-ball mindset, which may be fatal in some circumstances.

Merril Hoge Warns Downplays Caleb Williams’ Potential For Chicago Bears and Other NFL Teams

Hoge discusses why the Bears and other clubs should be cautious when it comes to Williams in a segment of The Herd with Collin Cowherd.
“He doesn’t play from the pocket the way the National Football League will require him to. He is a six-foot-one man. You’re not going to live in the National Football League like that, Hoge said, when you look at a clean pocket, a messy pocket, and the many plays that he gives up when he should be throwing the ball but instead runs about and makes a play.

Williams won’t be successful in the NFL, the ESPN expert said, until he can learn to strike a balance between having to stay in the pocket and making plays with his legs. Hoge said that two quarterbacks who were successful in the league while playing from the pocket were Joe Burrow and C.J. Stroud.
For Williams, the upcoming months will be critical as many eyes will be on him. The potential number one pick will undoubtedly have his job cut out for him, regardless of whether the Bears choose him or whether another club jumps in.

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