Day 2 of the NFL Combine Continue growing discussion of a quarterback trade between New York and Chicago….

INDIANAPOLIS: Speaking with the more than 300 athletes that attend the annual NFL Combine in Indianapolis on Day Two provided the media with the chance to start with defensive linemen and linebackers. More general managers and head coaches were added, which increased conjecture about the futures of still more quarterbacks.

The main narratives from Wednesday at the NFL Combine are broken down here.

Joe Douglas, the general manager of the New York Jets, stated on Wednesday that he had granted quarterback Zach Wilson and his representative authorization to pursue a trade. Wilson, who was behind Aaron Rodgers in the starting lineup the previous season and was selected second overall in the 2021 NFL Draft, reclaimed it after Rodgers was sidelined by injury.

Wilson’s miserable tenure in New York reached a breaking point the previous season, and there was much conjecture that he wouldn’t return to the Jets in 2024. Wilson’s contract would be terminated by the Jets, which would result in a $11 million cap charge. It’s been speculated that if Wilson and his agency are successful in finding a trade partner, the Jets may acquire a sixth- or seventh-round selection.

Wilson went 12-21 in his first 34 games, 33 of which he started, and he only completed 57% of his attempts for an average of 6.3 yards per attempt. This season, he was not helped by rumors of unrest in the locker room, which is thought to have played a significant role in Douglas and the Jets’ decision to move on.

The upcoming trade of Justin Fields, of the Chicago Bears, was the talk of the town on Wednesday inside the Indiana Convention Center during the NFL Combine. Caleb Williams, the quarterback from USC, is expected to be the first overall choice by the Bears in April. General Manager Ryan Poles stated on Tuesday that the team is keeping Williams, a former Ohio State quarterback, informed of their plans. The Falcons are keen to sign the fourth-year quarterback and have reportedly spoken with the Bears, according to NBC Sports. Fields would return home to Kennesaw, Georgia, if he were traded to Atlanta. This one we’re keeping a careful eye on.

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