Just In: A Key player rocked Out in NBA…

Jimmy Butler of the Miami Heat is totally embracing his emo cowboy persona as he plays the lead in Fall Out Boy’s latest music video for the song “So Much (For) Stardust,” which is taken from their eponymous 2023 album. Butler and bassist Pete Wentz may be seen in the video decked up in gaudy country western attire.

But Butler is no stranger to the emo aesthetic. He wore the ensemble to the Miami Heat’s 2023 press day, matching it with black nail paint and facial piercings. He recently announced that he has been working on a first country record, so the cowboy style would not be a first for him either.

Never claim Jimmy Butler doesn’t have a wide range of interests. He can play basketball, emo, and country music. Butler is shown in the vintage-looking video wearing a gold and purple Nudie suit, which is a kind of western apparel made popular by designer Nudie Cohn. Wentz is dressed similarly in a cream, yellow, and gold outfit. Butler holds an acoustic guitar with his name on it while dancing and lip-syncing to the vocalist Patrick Stump’s singing.

In the video, Wentz makes an appearance when Butler shakes a bewildered Magic 8-Ball, and the two start dancing clumsily. Yes, it’s awkward, yet they appear to be enjoying themselves, as if the rigid motions were intentional. “They really made the most ambitious song of the album a single and then gave it the weirdest music video,” a fan commented in the music video’s comments, adding an emoji for laughter.

As his “other job” with the Miami Heat comes to an end, Jimmy Butler plans to launch his country music career shortly. In a recent Rolling Stone interview, Butler claimed to have been “in the lab writing and producing country music,” but he was keeping his partnerships under wraps. He did, however, guarantee that the record will have “some real artists and songwriters.”

“An album is most definitely in the works. That is the objective. I just have no idea when,” Butler remarked, revealing that he had written about 45 songs. He laughed and said, “My other job, playing basketball, kind of overshadows everything, so the date I want to do it gets pushed back every time.” I can’t wait to release it to the public. “And maybe some of the songs will be down the line for my second or third album,” the artist continued.

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