Awful Unexpected Trade News: Buffalo Bills Exchange Player With New York Giants Because Of…

Rasul Douglas, a cornerback with the Buffalo Bills, is approaching the end of his contract. Although he recently moved to western New York in the midst of the season, he could be leaving the area.

New York Giants hire Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll as head coach

According to Bleacher Report, a trade involving the Detroit Lions would return Douglas to the NFC North. The proposed deal would see the Bills send Douglas and a sixth-round choice from this year’s draft to the Lions in exchange for a third-round pick.

“August marks Douglas’s 30th birthday, and his contract is only up for one more year. According to Bleacher Report, “Buffalo can find a cheaper replacement for him, potentially acquire a Day 2 pick in the 2024 draft, and save $10 million in cap space.”

This transaction, in which the Green Bay Packers upgraded a fifth-round pick into the third round, is very similar to the one that sent Douglas to Buffalo shortly before the trade deadline. Since the Packers and the Bills both finished the playoffs at the same time in the Divisional Round, the deal proved beneficial to the former.

The Packers also improved one of their draft selections this year and saved money.

Although Douglas would be a good addition to the Bills’ secondary, they might be able to choose a player in the draft or free agency who is considerably more useful. The Bills owe it to themselves to at least assess the market and determine Douglas’s trade worth.

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